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Hapur is one of the most important Mandi (Market) of Uttar Pradesh, This is well known for its Gur, Trucks Body Building, Pesticides Manufacturing , Leather and Stocking of Pilakhuwa is situated 9 Kms away from Hapur and is well know for its handlooms, bed sheet printing and other upholstery items.

Hapur which is quite an important city in Meerut Mandal as it is well connected to NCR and other important cities. This city is also well-connected through National Highway-24 to important commercial towns like Muradabad, Bulandsahar , Ghaziabad and Meerut.

Some old settlement in Hapur are infested with high density of population, which are catering to commercial markets , hence traffic jams are common sight here as commercial vehicles and Trucks add to the already high density population areas.

HPDA has taken a new initiative to properly manage the commerce of Hapur as this city attracts lot of commercial activities like Transporation of Gur, Grains, Sugar, Potato, Leather etc. which are not being properly managed . Keeping in view the above problems and population of city , Transport Nagar was brought to the salvation. Transport Nagar is planned on the right handside of the Delhi Hapur Road byepass which is part of Masterplan.

HPDA proposed Transport Nagar Scheme has been planned , which will include all the latest and modern growth techniques. In this scheme, loading, dumping, Mandi (markets ) for sale purchase has been kept in view and will be included.

In this scheme , 4.47 hectare has been planned for plots, 0.55 hectare for commercial activities and 0.21 hectare for hotels .3.49 hectare for Market (Mandi), 1.23 hectare for communities utility centers and conveniences, 1.72 hectare for Godowns, 0.3 hectare for service garages , 1.35 hectare for parks, 0.5 for parking, 7.92 hectare for roads has been reserved.

For this scheme , procurement of land and other growth activities an estimate expenditure of Rs. 13.66 crores is speculated. Out of which 5.33 crores would be used for procurement of land and 8.33 crores for other growth related activities. For this a loan of 13.66 crores is proposed from NCR board. For the above, the plan & project report has been already submitted.

In this scheme , HPDA has already getting demands and requirements for transport agency, warehouse, godowns, spare parts showrooms , workshops, kiosks, dharamkantas, dhabhas, hotels, banks, post offices, petrol pumps and restaurants etc.

Property List:

Ware house 1
Office  / Godown 70
Transport agency 227
Godowns 14
Spare part showrooms 33
Repair shop 25
Body making Shops 2
Work Shops / Service station 5
Dharamkanta 3
Kisosks 164
Dhabas 2
Hotels 1
Commercial Complex 1
Petrol Pump 1
Bank 1
Restuarent 1
Post Office 1
Way Side Shops Complex 1